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Through strong electoral, legislative and educational programs, the State Building Trades strives to keep work flowing, promote good wages and benefits, and ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the men and women in our industry—from apprenticeship prep and state of the art apprenticeship programs through to retirement.

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Message to DeMaio: We will not be a right-to-work state

By Robbie Hunter
President, State Building and Construction Trades Council

Message to DeMaio: We will not be a right-to-work state

Let’s get one thing straight about Carl DeMaio: Everything he has done since he came on the political scene in San Diego in ...

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Women in Trades

Women Work Hard Women are a small but mighty percentage of the construction workforce. Learn about efforts to recruit women...

Prevailing Wages

Ensuring that construction workers earn a wage that prevails in the local area is a way to promote local...

Project Labor Agreements

The best way to meet a community’s goals for local hire, and special outreach to veterans, the formerly incarcerated,...

Safety and Health

Construction can be a dangerous industry, but new technology, hazard abatement and good training can mean the difference for...

Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship/ MC3

Apprenticeship is the age-old method of teaching new workers the construction craft. With the loss of vocational education in...