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Tankers lined up.
Dozens of tankers lining up at California’s ports every day to unload oil tanker thousands of miles from the Middle East
  • SB 467 will immediately cost the State of California billions of dollars and 50,000 good paying blue-collar jobs.
  • SB 467 will create a complete dependency on imported gas and diesel shipped thousands of miles from the Middle East to power California. This will drive extreme increases in the cost of fuel that every California family will pay for at the pump.
  • Our existing port infrastructure can’t support the irresponsible effects of SB 467. Ports would have to spend billions to upgrade and expand their facilities to accommodate the traffic from increased fuel imports. These costs would be passed on through the skyrocketing price of gasoline to consumers.
  • SB 467 will increase the cost of gas at the pump by up to $10 a gallon – conservatively costing California’s working families thousands of dollars a year.
  • SB 467 will disproportionately affect California’s working families, who often commute long distances from where they can afford to live to where they can find work.
  • As our state continues to grapple with a crippling pandemic and the resulting economic devastation, SB 467 will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs across California, cost taxpayers billions, and cost working families thousands, with no benefit to the environment.

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