Negotiation/Conflict Blueprint

Negotiation/Conflict Blueprint


Step 1:  Preplan

Step 2: Execute

Step 3:  Agreement


Conflict or Negotiation Issue:  (2-3 sentences)


Self Inventory

·         My Position:  (what I say I want)

·         My Interest:  (why I want it)

·         My needs:  (Attention, Acceptance, Affection, Appreciation, Autonomy)

·         My BATNA:  (Best alternative to a negotiated situation/options)

·         What do I find of value or is valuable to me?

·         What can I offer to get what I want/need?

·         What is my zone of possible opportunity?

·         What is the minimum I am willing to accept? 

Other Parties Inventory:

·         Other Parties Position: (what they say they want)

·         Other Parties Interest:  (why they want it)

·         Other Parties needs:

·         Other parties BATNA:  (Best alternative to a negotiated situation/options)

·         What do they find of value or is valuable to them?

·         What do I think they can offer that I want/need?

What is the current relationship?  (Interaction personal or professional)

What is the potential future relationship?

What immeasurable factors should I consider?

Trust                Values                        Culture                        History             Hierarchy

Power              Compassion                Integrity                       Dedication


Hunter & Gather Information:


Common Interest:


Objective Criteria: (statistics, data, information provided by a neutral 3rd party)

My ideal goal/object will look like:

The ideal agreement will look like?  (timeline, solidification, execution)

What is the timeline I will allow for the changes to be made?